Akon surprises his Ethiopian mother-in-law with $100,000 worth birthday gift

The well known Senegalese singer known in the hip hop music world as Akon, is said to have recently presented over $100,000 worth diamond watch to his Ethiopian mother-in-law, APA reported on Sunday Feb 15/2009.

Akon, who is married to an Ethiopian wife a few years ago presented the gift to his mother-in-law during her 40th birthday celebrations.

The news came as a surprise to a majority of people in Ethiopia where there is no such habit (culture) of celebrating birthdays, let alone making such expensive birthday gifts.

Akon’s mother-in-law is living in Addis Ababa,and usually visits Akon and his wife, particularly when Akon’s wife gave birth a few months ago.

Akon, based in the United States got married to Rosina Bruck a few years ago, and they have a new baby- boy- born at the end of 2008.

Rosina is a designer, known for her best design clothes for famous musicians based in the USA.(APA)

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