Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp 2010

For All Families Touched by Ethiopian Heritage For most Ethiopian families, nothing will replace the experience of a visit back home; however, short of a visit back home, the Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp means the opportunity to connect with their heritage in a significant, positive, and fun way. For children such as Nati, Betty, […]

Ethiopian Satellite Television Service To Begin Direct Transmission To Ethiopia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ethiopian Satellite Television Date 9th April 2010 Ethiopian Satellite Television Service To Begin Direct Transmission To Ethiopia The Board of Governors of  Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) is pleased to announce the launch of service to Ethiopia and around the world at the end of April 2010. The governing Board believes that an […]

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Supreme Court Decision Protects Right to Immigration AdviceWashington D.C. – The American Immigration Council applauds today’s Supreme Court decision on the right to counsel for noncitizens charged with committing a crime. The Court held that criminal defense lawyers must advise their noncitizen clients about the risk of deportation if they accept a guilty plea.  The […]

Today’s Headline

Blogging Suicides                           “ምን ዓይነት ሊባኖስ ነው!”          Lebanon: What a Hellish Place for Ethiopians The heart-rending plight of Ethiopian domestic workers in Lebanon is one the most under-reported human tragedies of our time. The moving saga of the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft that fell into the Mediterranean Sea on January 25, 2010, while trying […]

Addisu Demissie: The Root’s Talented Ten

Addisu Demissie Age: 28 Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. Campaign Positions: Deputy Field Director, State Director (Hillary for President); Get Out the Vote Director—Ohio (Obama For America) Campaign Turf: Iowa, Nevada, Connecticut, Indiana (Hillary for President) Ohio (Obama for America) New Washington Gig: National Political Director at Organizing for America Addisu Demissie has a thing for playing […]

Yohannes :The Root’s Talented Ten

Yohannes Abraham, Age: 23 Hometown: Springfield, Va. Campaign Positions: Field Organizer, Regional Political Director, Field Director—Virginia Campaign Turf: Iowa, South Carolina, Ohio, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia New Washington Gig: Assistant to the Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Days after graduating from Yale University in 2007, Yohannes Abraham decamped to Iowa, where he would spend the […]

የዲሲ ሜትሮ

የሕዝባዊ ችሎት ማስታወቂያ የWashington ከተማ ክልል ትራንዚት ባለሥልጣን (Metro) የአገልግሎት ማሻሻያ ሃሳብና በዋና ሥራ አስኪያጁ የቀረበ የFY2010 የበጀት ረቂቅ Docket B09-3 ዓላማ ይህ ማስታወቂያ የተሰጠው በWashington ከተማ ክልል ትራንዚት ባለሥልጣን (Metro)፣ በWashington የከተማ ዳርቻ ትራንዚት ኮሚሽን፣ በሰሜናዊ Virginia የመጓጓዣ ኮሚሽን እንዲሁም በColumbia ዲስትሪክት በዋና ሥራ አስኪያጁ የቀረበውን የFY2010 የበጀት ረቂቅ እና የአገልግሎት ማስተካከያዎችን ሃሳብ በተመለከተ […]

dc metro hearing

dc metro

USA African-American Sports Hall of fame to induct Ethiopian Athletes-

Like the lighthouse that guides ships ashore, we area guiding light into the past, illuminating athleteswho pioneered the way to the future.” PRESS RELEASEFor Immediate ReleaseMARCH 27, 2009 Contact: LA Jones & Associates510-568-5899, USA AFRICAN-AMERICAN SPORTS HALL OF FAME TO INDUCT ETHIOPIAN ATHLETES OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (USA) – The African American Ethnic Sports Hall of […]

Immigration, economy, Obama fuel growth of US hate groups

WASHINGTON: A record number of hate groups were active in the United States last year, their anger driven by fears of Latino immigration, a souring economy and the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, a report said Thursday. The report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) showed that 926 hate groups were active […]

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